There are things we CAN do to improve our Health, Happiness & Energy!

There is HOPE for feeling better soon!! Choose a variety of fresh fruits and veggies  that are in season to maximize  nutrient content. Enjoy HEALTHY fats daily! Drink CLEAN water! Choose gluten free whole grains occasionally, with lean clean meats maybe 3-5 oz per day only! Wild caught fish or salmon is one of the best choices! We must say "yes" to probiotic rich foods! Fresh, colorful organic foods are power packed with the nutrients, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants your body needs daily to live well and they'll boost your immune system to combat toxins that cause illness and invading germs from your environment!!!  Start today to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other obesity or diet related diagnosis's from clutching your life!!!  Keep at bay or REVERSE some current degenerative disease diagnosis's! 

Go on a picnic!  Mix in a little sunshine, fresh air and exercise and begin now to

Save your life!

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Learning what foods will harm and what foods will help to support my immune system to HEAL ITSELF starts with my DIY 6 week E-COURSE called HEALTH RECOVERY 101

Eating 4 Energy

If we expect to stay healthy or gain back our health it will NOT EVER happen without eating the foods that GOD put on the planet to get our needed vitamins, minerals, live enzymes & fiber etc.  Check out the foods you should be eating to get your RDA of:





If this does NOT look like your everyday diet; you may need to seek help with your favorite


What is your list of chronic conditions that are revealing your bio-individual deficiencies?

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"When in doubt, try nutrition FIRST!" Roger Williams PHD

We gotta SAVE OURselves!