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Dear Parents & Teachers, 

We have a healthcare crisis looming that consists of a very large portion of our population blossoming with some quite costly metabolic diseases that are 80-90% PREVENTABLE!

We cannot blame poor food choices and poor habits on bad family genes! Knowledge is POWER.  Why not risk a few dollars to save a life, and the health of our next generation?

I care deeply about the health and vitality of our kids as they are facing things our parents and grandparents NEVER had to deal with when it comes to chemicals in food and pollution etc.

Our YOUTH will NOT get these simple principles for wellness anywhere else. I am happy to provide this invaluable resource as a guide! To just motivate and inspire one to make a wise choice is my passion.  They will FEEL THE DIFFERENCE as they implement some new good habits! 

Best of HEALTH to YOU and yours,




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This may be the best investment for health and wellness that you can make for your middle school age and young adult kids!   If the medical and educational systems are NOT routinely teaching these simple core keys to health and wellness then where will our youth actually LEARN to Eat for their Life to LIVE?  Good health is not a matter of good luck but rather is maintained by embracing the diet and lifestyle habits that support the human body, on a daily basis, to keep and nourish optimal strength, energy and brain power! Buy Now style 1 button

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There are things we can do in this modern toxic world we live to nourish and maintain the amazing ENERGY LEVELS needed for school activities/sports and have the super BRAIN POWERS to excel in academics!

JUNK FOOD has its unpleasant consequences when consumed day after day.  TV advertisements are bombarding the kids watching and they are selling products with no nutritional value so they can make their profits at our expense!

Why wait another minute?   This simple handbook to health can be on their IPAD in minutes as an EBOOK or better yet who do you know that can benefit from a real book that they can keep forever as a resource for healthy lifestyle guidance and direction?  The EBOOK version is handy as it has support videos linked right inside that they can click on.  While the hard copy has references that they can go directly to YOU TUBE to watch the video's.

Learning the secret path that can guide one through life by following the principles for HEALTH that is literally missing in society today!

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